Ideas for Your Perfect Australian Road Trip

Have you been sitting around in one place too long and itching to get on the road? You are not alone. Everyone at one time or another wants to just get in the car and drive then end up in a new place to visit for a bit.

Here are some trips we recommend depending on where you are:

Brisbane to Sydney

This trip will take you three to five days depending on your speed, and you will have great reasons to make multiple stops along the way. Driving down the coast from Queensland to New South Wales is a delight for the eyes, with fresh air and beautiful scenery every kilometer. You will want to stop off in Byron Bay, Coffs Coast, Port Macquarie, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast for a great meal or picture taking.

Broome to Perth

This is a five day drive through Western Australia that will bring you two opposite sceneries and both beautiful: the ocean and the desert. Be prepared to be wowed by the contrasts of colours, temperatures and moods that somehow mix into a unique and dramatic landscape. This aspect alone is worth the trip. Find yourself reminded of the amazing destination that Australia is, as you visit places like Monkey Mia, Ningaloo Reef, the Pinnacles, and Cape Range National Park. If you decide to go into the outback, a 4 wheel-drive vehicle is definitely required.

Adelaide to Barossa

This road trip through South Australia is a bit different than the other suggestions because it is one with a specific purpose and that is the search for good food and fine Aussie wine. If you are in Adelaide and hankering to get away from the city life for a few days, this two day road trip might be perfect for you.

The agenda is simple, drive you through some of Australia’s finest wineries. This drive will take you past more than 150 wineries including Penfolds, Sevenhill, Hardys, Cake Wines and Bird in Hand as you drive through Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. Throughout your drive you will see beautiful farmland laid out sometimes near the shore and the scenery dotted with great eateries that have designed their cuisine to complement the wine being served. Your only concerns here will be convincing yourself to leave.

Roadside Assistance

Each of these trips will take a week or more to complete so you need to make sure your car is prepared for this large amount of driving. Get it serviced before you leave and replace any worn parts, check your belts and top off fluids. Also make sure you have roadside service in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

Roadside assistance is a critical service to have for your trip. If you bought your vehicle used and are still paying it off or you own it outright, this service is one you should definitely have for your safety and protection. These days, most new car dealers offer roadside assistance and you should definitely look for it as an option.

However, there are aftermarket services that provide road side assistance for a monthly fee. These companies will make sure that no matter where or when you have a problem with your vehicle, there will be someone on the way to service you. The best companies offer a range of services for varying charges per month and you can pick the service that you think most fits you and your family. The service is tied to the vehicle so no matter who is driving they can simply call and help will be on the way. Options also include packages for two-wheeled vehicles and even service for when you are traveling far from home or towing a trailer or caravan.

Time to hit the road and take a trip. Have a great time and take lots of pictures!