Fun Trips are unarguably enjoyable especially when doing it with family and friends. This is the same as rafting, the best destination for rafting has to be carefully selected in order to have a memorable experience, there are several factors to consider when choosing a rafting destination and they are as follows:

  1. Demand & Popularity: For a river to be in high demand by rafters, it has to be very popular and known for an enjoyable experience. This is a good reason to consider when choosing a rafting destination.
  1. Accommodation: This is an important factor to consider as most white water rafting sites are far-off from the cities and would need visitors to pass the night. A nearby accommodation is very much required and it should be affordable and comfortable.
  1. Group Discounts: This is a factor to look into as discussed above, rafting is best enjoyed with friends and family. Group discounts should be looked into and considered before choosing a rafting site.
  1. Outfitters Reputation: With the above considerations in choosing a rafting destination, a reputable outfitter cannot be left out. Even with the best view without a reputable outfitter, your experience might not be up to 70 to 100%. Outfitters with fun guides, clean equipment and experience are needed to have a wonderful time when rafting.
  1. Equal opportunity for Rafters: People have different tolerance and difficulty levels therefore, a good rafting destination offers safe and different levels or class of rapids to the rafters. This balances the fun and adventure needed by different groups’ especially large groups of rafters.
  1. Other Activities: A good rafting destination creates room for other activities in order for visitors to experience more fun and relaxation or for tourists who do not want to get into the water. These activities are picnicking, hiking, zip lining, biking and sight-seeing.

Below are some popular and reputable white water rafting destinations in the USA.

  1. Colorado white water rafting: The Colorado River is one of the most popular, enjoyable and reputable places for rafting. The river offers amazing scenery, an admirable canyon, a dramatic view and beautiful waves. There are many outfitters to choose from in this destination and it is suitable for both large and small groups, for advanced and timid groups. Rafting Colorado with class II & III rapids offers an experience that can’t be matched. Other activities are biking, hiking and sight-seeing.
  1. Arkansas white water rafting: This cuts through Colorado and offers amazing sights for tourists. Rafters will encounter class II to III rapids which is enjoyable and safer for rafters. It offers good rafting adventure and experience and offers other activities like Fishing, biking and rock climbing.
  1. Tuolumne white water rafting: this offers a class IV to V rapids which makes it amongst the most difficult white water rafting site. It is highly endorsed for advanced rafters only.

Other notable white water rafting sites located in the USA are Nenana River with a class IV rapid, Chattooga River with class II to V rapids, Gauley River with class III to V rapids, Salmon River, Rogue River, Kennebec River and Ocoee River.

In conclusion, white water rafting in the USA is an amazing experience for adventure seeking travelers or tourists. The destinations are breath-taking, beautiful and simply enjoyable. With helmets and life jackets, you can get an experience of a lifetime in the above listed destinations which ranges from class II up to a class V rapid. You are bound to enjoy white water rafting at its peak.