Motorcycle Survival Kit For Beginners

Riding a motorbike is one of life’s biggest thrills, there is something about riding that gives you a greater sense of freedom on the road and away from the economic benefits when compared with a car, simply put, riding a bike is a lot of fun!


In order to get on the road you will need to first obtain your license, there are a few different stages depending on what size bike you wish to use, and then of course, to purchase your bike. Once these steps are in place then there is some equipment that you are going to need and here is a little advice on what you need to buy before hitting the road.


Naturally riding a bike is more dangerous than driving a car if an accident should occur, you are not protected by a metal shell and a good helmet is what will save your life should the worst occur. You should always buy a helmet brand new, second hand is too much of a risk as you don’t know what damage has been previously caused. A good helmet should fit perfectly, snug is what you are after here, tight enough so as there is no movement and loose enough to feel comfortable.


A hard wearing jacket should absolutely be bought with safety in mind, should you fall from your bike then its padding and protective materials will prevent back and arm injuries. That being said, there is no reason that style cannot play a part in your jacket selection. There are some great brands out there like Alpinestars jackets who offer waterproof, protective and stylish jackets which will ensure that you look great and feel safe on the road.


A good set of gloves serve a few purposes, protection for your hands and fingers from injury, they keep your hands warm on the ride which means that you have full sensation in your hands to control the bike with and of course, they can help add to your fashionable bike outfit. The rules with gloves are much the same as a helmet, make sure that they are not too loose, the last thing you need is to be readjusting them all of the time, also make sure that they are tight enough so that you have full control over your throttle, brakes and clutch.


Your feet and the lower parts of your legs are particularly at risk should a crash occur, if you are hit from the side then they will bear the impact and often when a bike falls and slides, legs can easily get trapped underneath. It is for these reasons that you should invest well in a good pair of motorcycle boots. The boots should be heavy duty and reinforced around the ankle and lower leg, these will offer a great deal of protection if you have an accident. Boots can be a little expensive but with the protection that they offer it will be well worth it, just think what kind of price would you put on your ability to walk.