How apps changed the face of online trading


There’s no denying that mobile trading apps have changed the online trading landscape. Before, traders would be tethered to their desktop or weighed down by a laptop. iPhone and Android apps let you trade on the go, from virtually any location. Existing trades can be tracked, and new positions can be opened and closed. Trading while moving around freely is the new face of online trading. If a trader wishes to place a trade as soon as the market opens, this is entirely possible. Wherever they happen to be at the time. An app allows you to monitor a trading account from anywhere. It’s trading at your fingertips.

So there are no geographical limits, as long as you have an internet connection. The added power of apps is that you can respond more quickly to signals and notifications. With your smartphone at your side, you need never miss a trade. Trading signals and market data are now accessible around the clock. Real time notifications sent straight to your phone mean you stay in the know, if and when an important event occurs.

When you think about all a trading app can do, it’s quite an innovation. An app offers convenience, ease of use, and complete flexibility. They come with easy navigational and operational tools, and user-friendly interfaces. Apps improve your ability to to keep track of your account, and stock market performance. The latest technology has been implemented to bring advanced trading tools. These give users a fast and efficient trading experience.

Users can weave trading into their day to day activities, and benefit from all the features available. Trading apps have eliminated the fear of missing out. A trading opportunity need never slip by. You can monitor stock prices in real time. You have more access to the market. Traders can exit a trade they might otherwise have had to stay in longer. You can adjust stops, and manage a trade according to what the price action is showing you via the app.

There are apps which incorporate unique features, such as voice search, to find stocks. Users of certain apps can even chat with other traders. You can use mobile trading apps to create high quality financial charts, annotate them and access them on the go. With an app, you can track market trends, and access a wide range of technical indicators.

Apps have been developed with an encrypted firewall to protect the user and their data. When funds and transaction details are safe and secure, traders are more likely to utilise an app. This and other factors have opened up the world of online trading, and increased the number of people trading. iPhone and Android apps have opened up trading to a new generation of those who wouldn’t trade if they couldn’t do it from their smartphone. Mobile trading volume has snowballed recently. Professional traders can use their smartphone as a backup, if they don’t have access to their regular trading computer. They can easily check the market while travelling.

Although not a perfect replacement for trading on a full-size screen, apps make an excellent substitute.