Glamping is simply camping in style. It is camping with the rustic aesthetics and none of the activities that get the hands dirty of the knees scraped. While camping is a completely wild and rustic experience between man and nature, glamping is a lot more comfortable and luxurious involving facilities and accommodations that are not associated with traditional camping.

This may seem like an aberration of an experience that is supposed to be raw and earthy. However, like every other thing, it is simply a preferred, more comfortable, and relaxing way of experiencing nature. Not everyone likes to get their hands dirty. Not everyone can tolerate the idea of going number two behind a rock in the dense woods. And this is okay. Glamping offers a more luxurious and refined camping experience for the more sensitive and sophisticated camper. It provides the perks of hotel accommodations and the rustic lifestyle of living in nature.

Colorado is a place famous for its lush lands and waters, a bountiful slice of nature that goes on for endless miles and offers campers the experience of a lifetime. Approved campsites are all over the state and provide the best space for Colorado glamping.

State Parks.

Colorado is blessed with a beautiful landscape and thriving wildlife. It is a real camp haven. There are twenty-five state parks each with approved campsites which include the cherry creek state park, steamboat lake park, Trinidad Lake, and pearl lake state park. These locations draw campers from within the state and around the country and businesses have been set up to provide glamping services. These glamp sites feature luxurious cabins and teepees, tastefully furnished with beds, fireplaces, bathrooms, and even kitchenettes.

Colorado National Parks.

With nationally recognized monuments and historic sites, the national parks are the perfect place for Colorado glamping. Campgrounds are open to both traditional campers and the more refined glamper. The rocky mountain national park offers six campgrounds. It is also a famous spot for stargazing. The great sand dunes national park has one campground and offers the experience of being in the desert. While the majestic black canyon of the Gunnison offers three campgrounds with views of the majestic rocks in the canyon.

National Forest Campgrounds.

Boasting eleven national forests which include the Arapaho national forest and the Uncompahgre national forest, the glamping experience is never more complete. The raw feel of nature and the comfort of a tent or cabin equipped with heat, Wi-Fi, and a bathtub is as sophisticated ad camping gets.


Glamping is the point where wild nature meats modern and luxurious living. It is proof that people can enjoy nature and still have their comforts about them. The nest places to glamp in Colorado are the parks and forests which offer approved and regulated campsites. These glamp resorts have found a way to blend in with nature with their rustic aesthetics while providing the necessary comforts their guests are used to. All without upsetting the balance of the natural world around them. Glamping may be an alternative kind of camping, but as long as people can enjoy nature and still get 24hr access to a hot shower, it is definitely here to stay