Infinite Traveling By Making A Living On The Go

‘Eat, Pray, Love’, the biography of author Elizabeth Gilbert, became a popular film of the same name some years ago, starring Julia Roberts. It was wildly popular. The story of the woman who said ‘goodbye’ to the ordinary and traveled the world struck a chord. She also found true love and immense, personal satisfaction. The audience sighed in contentment as Ms. Roberts (as Ms. Gilbert) walked into the sunset with the rugged, Latin hero. However, for some, the movie just didn’t work. Some viewers or readers couldn’t believe that a working woman could afford to take a year and head off in search of self. ‘That story is a fairytale. Who can afford to travel around like that,’ was the reaction of some.

How Can I Earn And Travel?

There are plenty of people who travel the world and they’re not rich. How do they do it? Let’s see what people can do to earn their bread while traveling.

Property There’s nothing like having a bit of property to give you financial security. If you own a house or a flat which can be rented, it’s helpful. If you have more than one property, even better. However, before you can take the money and run, you have to use some of it to pay property tax and maintenance so you can continue to rent out. You should engage an estate agent (for a fee) to look after the property in your absence. They’ll deal with the tenants and make sure everything is well-maintained and in good condition. There might not be much money left for you once the dues are paid, but it’s stable income on which you can depend.

Writing Before you leave, contact some newspaper or magazine editors and explain where you’re going. They might be interested in buying some travel articles about the places you’ll be visiting. It could be articles on traveling, backpacking, budget holidays or just a place or resort in general. You could keep a travel diary and publish it as a blog. If your blog gets lots of hits, you can pick up ads, hopefully from the travel industry. That will bring in some income. The money you earn can be added to your bank account so you can access it as needed.

Photography If you love taking photos and have a good camera, you can sell photos to some of the stock photo website.

Work Your Way Around The World Provided you can legally do it, it’s a great idea to pick up casual work as you travel. You can work in EU countries if you’re an EU citizen. It’s a great way to learn about the local culture and pick up some cash at the same time.

Online and Forex Trading If you recently came into money from a will, it might be a good idea to invest in a little share and forex trading. Invest wisely and increase your finances substantially. The finance markets are like a sport though, with the same uncertainties. It’s a good idea to take the advice of experienced companies like CMC Markets, who will point you in the right direction, especially regarding precautions which have to be taken.

Check Them Out

If you’re interested in traveling the world, see what options are available to you and just go for it. Wishing you safe travels.