England’s Most Underrated Destinations

When tourists hit the English shores the large majority of them head straight to the nations capital London. Visiting London is of course on most people’s travel list, with it’s iconography, cultural importance in the World and it’s numerous tourist attractions. However, London is not the only place in England where you can drink in the rich culture of England and sadly there are some locations that are terribly underrated. Here are some locations that with your help, won’t be underrated for much longer.


The Northeastern city of Newcastle is the perfect location to visit if you are looking for a blend of traditional working-class English culture and a modern, forward-thinking city. The skyline of Newcastle is incredible, the Tyne river flows through the heart of the city and divides Newcastle with neighbouring Gateshead. The 8 bridges that link the two cities include the Tyne Bridge, an arch bridge that was the prototype for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Millennium Bridge with it’s eyelet design that opens and closes to allow boats to pass. The city has 2 universities and owing to the student culture has one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. The city also houses several large markets, art museums, history and science museums and a vast array of restaurants and cafes. Just 5 hours North on a train from Newcastle and you will discover a whole other side to England.

Lake District

In the North of England sits the countries jewel in it’s crown, a national park called the Lake District. The ‘Lakes’ comprises of a lush green and rugged mountain range, several lakes sitting in volcanic craters and some of the most peaceful surroundings in England. When you see photos of the English countryside and green, spacious scenery you  are more than likely looking at this incredible English region. The Lake District offers tourists relaxation in tranquil environments, blissful walks and photo opportunities aplenty. Equally, tourists can go for the adventurous option when during a stay here, from hiking, climbing, cycling, river-walking and caving to water activities like kayaking, sailing, swimming, rafting and catamaran tours, whatever you like to do to get the blood pumping, you can do it here. If you are heading to England then you should have the Lake District at the top of your list for places to visit.


In the far South of England is the county of Cornwall, a coastal county that is far too often forgotten than it’s natural beauty and quintessential English charm deserves to be. One of the most picturesque parts of England, Cornwall is the ultimate destination for people in to seascape photography. Cornwall is suited to many types of tourists, for surfers and party-lovers, there is the town of Newquay which has become an English mecca to surf culture and a town that throughout the Summer turns into a 24 hour party. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing then look to beautiful fishing villages like Padstow, a town that looks and operates the same way that it did a hundred years ago, with trawlers bringing in some of the finest English seafood every day and the bars and restaurants serving up the freshest fish you’ve ever had. In Truro and Falmouth you’ll find busy university towns with shopping centres and the less touristy side of Cornwall. The region offers a mixture of accommodation from beach hotels, city hostels and hotels, private home rentals, quaint cottages and apartments with sea views truly something for everyone. Cornwall is just under 3 hours to get to by train from London giving you the opportunity to see both locations in one trip.