How to Do Las Vegas Like a Pro

You got plans to head down to the legendary city of sin in the next few months? Maybe it is for a friend’s stag party, a high school reunion, their legendary music party scene, or maybe you just want to try your luck on the blackjack tables. Here are some tips on how to do Las Vegas like a pro.

Stay on the Strip
The Las Vegas strip is one of the most famous (or infamous) roads in the entire world. This legendary strip is home to the biggest and best of Las Vegas’ casinos and hotels as well as the most happening nightclubs. The sidewalks of  the strip will be packed with tourists of all types from all over the world looking to indulge any desire. If you really want to do Las Vegas like a pro you will need to make your presence known on the strip. Get a nice room in your budget but remember you don’t have to hang out at the casino attached to your hotel, a Vegas pro will rent an affordable room but spend his time soaking up free booze and doing some gaming at one of strip’s classier casinos.

Practice Makes Perfect
A Vegas pro knows the games before he sits down. There are plenty of online apps for your phone that will teach the rules of gaming and allow you plenty of practice, some will even give you the chance to earn real money. If you want to look and feel like a pro make sure you know the rules before you enter the casino, this will help your ego as wells as your pocket book.

las vegas pro
Stay off the Strip
I know I already said a Vegas pro stays on the strip but a pro can also stay off the strip. Las Vegas’ legendary Freemont Street is where the locals go to party. While there is no shortage of tourists either, Freemont street is decidedly less family friendly and Disneyland-esque than the strip. Getting off the strip will give you a taste of the local life as well as a glimpse back to what Vegas was like when Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack ruled the city. If you want to do Las Vegas like a pro you need to know when to master both staying on and staying off the strip.

Master the Buffet
You can really work up an appetite in this 24 hour party city but do not fear, Las Vegas is home to amazing buffets. A true Vegas pro will know where and when the best deals for buffets are and even how to get comped a free dinner. A vegas pro also knows to head straight for crab-legs and filet mignon once he gets there, leaving the salad bar and mashed potatoes for the suckers.

So if you follow these rules you will really be doing Vegas like a pro both on and off the tables. Good Luck!