How to Get to the Airport in Miami

Planning a trip to the “Magic City?” Whether you are coming for the turquoise waters, trendy beaches, Cuban food, wild nightlife, cigar culture, or the architecture; Miami is a city that truly has something for everybody. Chances are if you are headed to (or from) Miami you will be flying via Miami International Airport.  Miami International Airport is one of the biggest and busiest in the country and the primary hub linking the United States of America to both Central and South America. Given it’s size and volume of passengers it is important you know how to get to the airport in Miami quickly and easily.

For the ultimate in ease and comfort a private car is your best bet. Blacklane offers a fleet of new black Mercedes that will pick you up and you take you directly to Miami International Airport. No fussing around with flagging down a taxi or hopping on a bus. Blacklane will allow you to maximize your time spent in Miami and eliminate unnecessary stress or trying to figure out transport. Blacklane allows you to book online via their website or using a smartphone apps.So if you want to be picked up in style, try a Miami car service with Blacklane.

get to airport miamiMetrorail
If you are on a budget Miami-Dade County’s Metrorail may be your best bet. Opened in 1984 this rail system services Miami’s downtown region. Starting in 2012 the Metrorail also services Miami International Airport allowing customers to get from downtown Miami to the airport in about 15 minutes and for only two dollars, this also includes a bus transfer if needed. So if you are located in central Miami and don’t mind using public transportation, consider using Metrorail to get to the airport in Miami.

Like pretty much anywhere in the world a taxi is one way to get to the airport in Miami. While the quality and service of a taxi will likely vary from driver to driver or company to company, if you need to get the airport a taxi is always a solid choice. Like any major city Miami has plenty of taxis to take you to and from the airport.

Hotel Shuttle
One often overlooked (and sometimes free) way to get to the airport in Miami is a hotel shuttle. Depending on where you are staying, your accommodation may include airport shuttle service for free or at a reduced rate. We recommend calling your hotel prior to your arrival and ask if they offer a shuttle service to or from the Miami Airport. There is nothing better than a free ride, right?

So whether you want the style and convenience of a private car, the speed and low rates of the Metrorail, or your hotel offers a free shuttle; there are plenty ways to get to the Airport in Miami so you won’t have to worry about transportation while you enjoying all the sunshine and smiles this Caribbean city has to offer. Enjoy your stay in Miami and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit!