10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit The Amalfi Coast

There are some places in the World that can often be pretty underwhelming once you visit them. Sure they look great on the front cover of magazines or on the picture that is being shred across Instagram or Facebook but when you actually get there you find that the picture is pretty much all there is. One such place that I visited last year most certainly does not fall into the bracket of disappointing was the Amalfi Coast and I write this sitting in one of the beautiful Amalfi Coast villas that I have rented during my stay here.   I cannot tell you how many of these places that I have visited all over the World that I was super excited about and then when I got there I felt as though someone had put a pin in my excited travel balloon, I’m so glad the Amalfi Coast wasn’t like this.


The Amalfi Coast is a 50km stretch of coastline along the south west of Italy and it is quite possibly my favorite part of Italy. There is so much to see here, so much to do and so much to enjoy and I wanted to run through my 10 reasons why this place should be on your ‘to visit’ list for 2017.

Coastal Roads

Many people like to write about beautiful and scenic drives along the coast and I would challenge any one of them to find a better setting that along this coastline. So scenic is the route that it has been used in several movies as well as being used multiple times in British TV show juggernaut, Top Gear. Views across the Mediterranean coastline, clifftop corners and hairpin bends, what more could a driver want!


This former fishing village has really turned into a ‘cool place to be’ across this stretch of coast and whilst the region is littered with beautiful villages and towns, this one takes the crown when it comes to photo opportunities. The town sits on top of a sheer rock face and has lots of mazy roads and tracks that lead down to the water below. Great views from the top and cool pebble beaches below, a truly special place.

The Beaches

Some of the beautiful beaches in Italy are down on the Amalfi Coast and you don’t just need to take my word for it, this region has one more national awards for its beaches than anywhere else in the country. There is a wide variety of quiet cove beaches, pebble beaches, beaches packed with action and secluded sandy spots where the World feels a million miles away.


The tasty aperitif limoncello derives from the Amalfi Coast and once you clap eyes on the grapefruit -sized lemons growing on the trees on the roadsides, you will understand why the creative Italians in these parts decided to combine their two loves, alcohol and lemons. You simply mustn’t leave the coast until you have tasted some local limoncello.


The most populated region of the coast is Amalfi, a once bustling maritime port with a population of around 70,000, these days the city is somewhat smaller in scale. It doesn’t feel much like this however during peak seasons as tourists descend in their doves to watch the World go by on the seafront promenade and enjoy some of the historical buildings that can be seen in Amalfi.


It seems a little futile to talk about how amazing Italian food is in any specific part of Italy, the food rarely disappoints wherever you go in Italy but I must make a special mention for the gourmet restaurants in Amalfi. Here on this small stretch of land there are no less than 7 Michelin starred restaurants which serves a mixture of locally cooked food and fusion cuisine. The food is amazing and it always tastes better when you have the views to look at that ar eon offer here.

Romantic Hotels

Italy knows how to show its lovers a good time and Amalfi is no different, there is a wide range of incredible romantic hotels and hidden hideaways for couples to enjoy this region in style. From boutique, sea-front villas to tranquil, secretive farmhouses, whatever you and your partner enjoy, you can find it in Amalfi.


The Breathtaking Views

Finally I must talk about the wonderful views that you will have from almost every corner of the Amalfi Coast. I’m not just talking about the sea views here, nor the glorious moment at the end of the day when the sun casually disappears into glistening waters. Amalfi offers way more than that with cliff faces, colorful sea-front houses, and rugged hillsides. It is the views that are often discussed when people talk about the Amalfi Coast and unlike many places on Earth, when you see them, you will certainly not be disappointed.