Best Phone Applications for Language Learning

Learning a new language is one of the most exciting and rewarding projects that you can do, the idea of connecting with another person from another country in their mother tongue is one that appeals to many. Thankfully in todays world of advancing technology, you no longer have to commit to a university or college course in order to gain knowledge of another language. These days you can learn a brand new language from your phone alone as more and more apps are created to help you speak that language you always dreamed of and here are our favourites that are currently on the market and can help you to learn some new lingo for your next travels.


This is by far and away one of the best language learning apps on the market, HelloTalk doesn’t teach from the app but it gives you access to an enormous community of Worldwide users who are looking to improve their own foreign language, and to help teach you theirs. Simply sign up to the app, select which language you wish to learn and then you will be shown thousands of people who speak your desired language, send them a message and if they wish to engage then you are up and running. As you message your new friend, you are able to correct their sentences in your language and they can do the same as you try to speak in theirs. HelloTalk also offers a translation tool, video and audio calling and voice messaging, perfect for practicing your spoken word. This community is full of people who really want to help you learn, and want to learn themselves, the perfect combination for learning a new language.


SpanishDict is essentially a Spanish dictionary but the app does far more than that if you are looking to pursue knowledge of the Spanish language. Firstly, the dictionary function is perfect, it works offline and displays results from all Spanish speaking countries as word meanings often vary from country to country. Secondly, you can save words to your favourites list for later revision, thirdly, the app offers a daily word game to help you improve your range of vocabulary. Finally, the app offers a translation tool for whole sentences which is far more accurate than that of Google translate. Simply put, if you are looking to learn Spanish then this is the ultimate app for you to assist your learning, having tried plenty of Spanish apps out there, I can tell you that none of them come close to SpanishDict.


DuoLingo is a language learning app with a little bit of a twist, the aim of this app is to allow you to learn a language whilst having fun. DuoLingo gives users an incentive based game to play in order to learn new words and phrases. Linguist are the digital currency that you will earn the more that you and your language improves, you can then spend the Lingots in a virtual store to buy things like vocabulary and grammar packs. The appeal of DuoLingo is that you find yourself having a bit of fun whilst learning and you will find the app a little bit addictive as well which is brilliant for improving your knowledge. This app is currently the most popular on the market and has won several app awards in recent years.