Why Your Phone Is Valuable Addition to Your Vacation

Vacation time is upon us and the thoughts of going to an exotic place where we can walk on beautiful beaches and enjoy water sports during the day, and spend time at the local discos and drink the special local drinks during the night time hours. You have booked your vacation with money from one of those popular quick online installment loans, and now you are ready to get going. This is the time that is all your own and where you do not have to answer to anyone.

Packing is easy, only the essentials make the trip. If you are headed to the islands, that means short pants, t-shirts and a toothbrush. This will be a stress-free time where maybe you can work on your tan and even take some dance lessons.

As you glance toward you luggage you notice your phone and wonder if this is an essential item that you need to pack. Although the phone can be the worst thing on your vacation because it ties you to the outside world, it can also be a life saver and something you are really glad you brought along. Here are a few good reasons why you need to pack your phone when you go on vacation:


If you are vacationing someplace that is not familiar to you or a place where there might be some level of danger, your phone can be a vital tool. It can connect with local emergency services including to the police, and get them you your location or they can lead you out of where you are to a safe place. Best of all if people see you calling on your phone most will assume you are ringing for help and they will leave you alone. You can also call anyone at home if you have a problem and need assistance from them. The phone makes all of this convenient.


GPS allows you always get around unfamiliar areas and to know your whereabouts if you get lost. It uses your phone as a beacon to broadcast its location that is them tracked via satellite. It can overlay a map of where you are and then direct you to a town or a vital service including a hospital. There are several great mobile phone mapping apps that have mapped nearly every city in every country, so your phone can be very handy in making sure that you never get lost.


Your phone can be the perfect scheduler for your trip. If you will be moving around and need to be in a certain location on a certain date, you can schedule it using your phone complete with alarms and prompts. You do not have to bring any paper that you may lose or that may get destroyed.

All of Your Vital Trip Documents

Today, hotels and airlines will accept documents that are on your mobile phone. You can scan or download plane tickets, hotel reservations and tickets to shows and events that you will visit while you are on vacation. No more need for paper, it can all be placed in one handy device that you carry around all the time anyway.

If You Get Bored

Your phone is always a great source of entertainment when you are traveling or even once you reach your destination. You can stream movies and play games if you find yourself bored. You can also do some face time with loved ones back home to brag about your trip or to tell them you miss them.

Finally you can use your phone to take great photos of your trip, Today’s top smartphones have great cameras that can take wonderful photos. No need to pack an additional camera, you already have one in your hand.