Why Merino Wool is Perfect for Summer Layering

When most people think of wool, they think of thick and very warm sweaters or coats that are perfectly manufactured to keep the cold out and the heat in on the coldest winter days. Wool has built up a deserved reputation as a fierce elements fighter on those winter days when the temperature is particularly low, but it can also be worn even during the warmer months.

Merino Wool can be Ultrafine

Merino wool is a more refined and delicate type of wool that can be used to make lighter clothing that keeps in the heat but also breathes to prevent overheating. It is famous for its ability to dry fast, not wrinkle, and to blend with the lightest fibers including silk. Ultrafine merino wool sweaters and shirts do not have the scratchy wool feel so the material can be worn next to the skin.

During the summer months there will always be times when the weather is so warm that here is no need for layering. There is simply too much heat and any layers will only serve to overheat you. However there are times when layering is ideal and merino can provide one of those layers.

Layering is the Hot Fashion Today

Layering is a look where different styles, and materials of clothing are integrated into one cohesive look. The different clothing layers may be combined because of their colors, style or fabrics, and the aim is to have each piece become more attractive as a result of it being a part of the new look. Layering also allows for recycling of clothing. By combining an older out of style piece of clothing in a layered look, one can create a new look and make hardly noticed pieces of clothing gain attention.

Layering also has a practical side. The fashion trend started in winter to help combat the cold. It is sometimes considered counterintuitive to many, but wearing several thinner layers of clothing traps heat better and keeps you warmer than one thick layer.

During the summer months layering can be used and clothing made from merino wool works well. Here are some examples of where summer layering with merino is an excellent choice.

Work and School – The summer means that you will be in lots of air conditioned spaces. One example is your place of work where the AC is probably blasting because someone is always too hot or there is a need to keep the place near freezing because of equipment there that must be kept cool.  Another example is school where classrooms can vary in temperature drastically. Merino is the perfect layer in these situations because it can bring you some needed warmth without causing you to put on a heavy coat or sweater.

Going Out – Malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, indoor sporting events and concerts are places where the AC can be working overtime during the warmer months. A merino wool sweater is a perfect layer in these situations.

Summer Nights – In many areas the temperature can change significantly from day to night. For instance in Las Vega Nevada the temperature in May averages 90 degrees during the day time and only 66 degrees at night. With weather patterns changing all over the world we are also seeing unexpectedly cool weather in places where there used to be extreme heat. Having a merino layer on hand will always have you prepared for any weather or weather changes.

Merino wool has become very popular because of its versatility and look. It can also be purchased at great prices when you consider the length of time these products last. Consider adding merino wool to your wardrobe and use it in layers all year round.